Maintenance / Troubleshooting...

If your process is absolutely critical and cannot go down, maybe a Power & Automation Evaluation is right for you. Over the years we have developed a comprehensive plan to perform a complete power and automation study of you facility to complete a site map of the following components:

  • Single Line Facility Power Riser complete with Manufacturers Part No, and Ratings
  • Automation Topology with key PLC, Drives, and Automation components
  • Network & Communication Topology
  • PC/SCADA system back-up
  • Spare Part Inventory

At the completion of the Power & Automation Evaluation, we will provide a critical component list for your process. Our team will proactively determine what components may require spare parts on hand based on failure trends (IE Drives & Fuses) and develop an action plan to get parts quickly in the event of a failure. The completed report will not only include all hardware components but will additionally list the manufacturer's information for spare parts and technical service contacts.