Power Distribution...

Power Distribution Services has been the core of our business since 1977. We have both the equipment and manpower for complete power distribution services. Our machinery enables us to lift and set transformers, bend 6" rigid conduit, pull long haul extension wires, other power distribution related services.

Trenching Services

For underground trenching and service entrance construction, Leonard Crawford Electric has an Excavation Team that has the experience and equipment to meet any project challenge. Previous projects include long haul fiber runs (<5 miles), 25kv concrete encased feeds, and other earth moving focused projects.

LCE procured, set and fed a 25KV primary transformer to feed a 480VAC, 4000Amp secondary at a brick molding facility in Northumberland County, PA.

Power distribution to an impoundment pond.

Complete Power Distribution Services include:

  • Service Entrance Construction
    • High Voltage (>69KV )
    • Medium Voltage (<69kv -="">600VAC)
    • Low Voltage (<600VAC)
  • MCC Installation and Motor Feeds
    • Motor Starter
    • Drives
  • Conduit Installation
  • Transformer Setting
  • Underground Long Hauls